IMG_3607GUTI is from Gutierrez, which is my family’s last name. I’m a family man whose roots run deep. So it only made since to me years ago when I was working for my dad mowing lawns and decided to branch out on my own, to honor my family in my business. I have developed a strong passion for lawn care over the years, from what started out as a young man just trying to put food on the table. It still fills the bellies of my wonderful wife and two beautiful children, but what I have encountered is that I love what I do. I have developed a mighty desire for helping families and businesses thrive in the long lost art of taking pride in your space and respecting your home. There is a heart at the core of my company, my heart, which wants to help families, like mine, in succeeding at a good life. While that may seem a little deep from your lawn guy, it falls back on simple saying my mom taught me growing up, “When your bed is made you’ll have a good day”. She’s a smart lady and I believe the same applies to your yard. Freshly mowed grass, by yours truly, leads to kids running in the yard. Bushes trimmed nice and neat, leads to inviting your neighbors over for a last minute dinner party. Allowing GUTI Landscaping & Maintenance to handle your lawn, frees up your Saturday for little league games or a family adventure.

While I’d love to boast my companies prestige in having state of the art commercial quality lawn equipment, knowledgeable and talented employees, or having professional and quality experience (all of which are true) the reality is, I know what sets GUTI Landscaping & Maintenance apart is that we want to invest in your lawn, so you can invest in your life. From one family to another, it’s the most important thing we can do.

-Nick Gutierrez