IMG_0198At GUTI Landscaping & Maintenance, every project begins with our deep passion to serve others with integrity through hard work combined with an eager knowledge in our field. While our talents, expertise, and professionalism are the icing on the cake, it’s our strong belief in good ole’ fashion work ethic that make us stand out from the sea of others in the landscaping business. We began this company as a family, several years ago, and we run it like a family. You can count on integrity, dedication, loyalty, honesty, communication, and hard work from us. We’ll even throw in some blood (thorn bush anyone?), sweat (with a heat index of over 100, that one’s a definite), and tears (of joy!) for good measure.

The team at GUTI Landscaping & Maintenance values customer relationships and a job well done. Our lawn care specialists will guide each customer through our three-step project procedure; estimate, execution, and follow-up. Our reoccurring monthly customers are met with reliable and consistent service from our field technicians, and friendly customer service from our office. Each member at GUTI Landscaping & Maintenance takes pride in every client’s interaction with our company. Our employees are encouraged to blossom in the work place and invest with enthusiasm in the work that they complete. The foundation of GUTI Landscaping & Maintenance lies in, well… its customers. A huge thank you goes out to our customers, both current and future, who remain the muscle behind what inspires us to invest in creating a little more beauty in the world.