Ever pass by that house in the neighborhood that has the landscaping with so much texture and color and interest and pizazz that looks so neat and pulled together? Do you ever think, how do they do it? Chances are, they don’t! The same way our crafts never quite turn out like a certain domestic diva (who’s name we won’t mention), we know it takes a keen eye to design landscaping just right. Leave it to the professionals, GUTI Landscaping & Maintenance can handle that for you!

In the scorching Florida heat, it’s hard enough to clean inside, let alone outside. We provide services in this area such as land clearing, tree removal/trimming, or overall tidying of those spots that you’ve “let go” over a period of time. Our clean ups tie up loose ends and get you back to a clean slate with your lawn.

We all know that everyone and everything is thirsty under that Florida Sunshine. Let GUTI Landscaping & Maintenance provide your sprinkler system with the care it needs. Our services include install, repair, and upgrade for all your irrigation needs!

Let us handle the maintenance of your property so you can spend your time elsewhere. Our skilled team will provide our basic care package including: Mowing, Edging, Weed eating, blowing, and shrub trimming as needed. Fertilization and Weed Control can be provided separately as needed. We can provide knowledgeable care for your lawn that the average Joe wouldn’t know! Think… blade height, mowing patterns, and correct seasonal trimming.